What is Botox?

Botox -  simple and quick by a Doctor you trust

During our lives we show our emotions many times. We laugh, we smile with nice, wide smiles. We raise our eyebrows in surprise. We squint or show disappointment by furrowing our brow. As we age, these same emotional expressions seem to stay on our faces: the wrinkles around our eyes, the creases on our forehead, the lines on our lips, that furrow between the brows. These are called dynamic wrinkles. They make us look (and feel) old. Simply stated, Botox can soften thoese lines and wrinkles. Look your best.

Botox For Myofacial (TMJ) Pain

Do you wake up in the moring with sore, achy jaw muscles? Do you suffer from tension headaches? Have you broken a tooth from clenching or grinding? Botox has been used in dentistry for many years in the non-narcotic treatment of TMJ and Myofacial pain. It relaxes the muscles responsible for clenching and grinding of the teeth. In conjunction with bite splint therapy. Botox can minimize wear and tear on your teeth and maintain a youthful smile.

Botox is charged by the unit. Our office charges by the unit for a custom dosage for each patient. No tax or guess work. Our office prides itself on being straight forward with all pricing. Many patients may use less botox for subsequent treatment.

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