About Us

Our Approach to Oral Health Care

We know that there are literally hundreds of dentists in the greater Cincinnati area. So why choose Montgomery Dental Care?  Many people select their service providers based on location, convenience, hours of service, price and services provided. We believe we meet these criteria for a great portion of the population.

We are centrally located, have a variety of open hours, competitive prices, and insurance options. So, it all comes down to our approach and what makes us different than other dentists.

Dr. Janette Williams is a compassionate and caring professional. Her unprecedented care for her patients is evident in the amount of time she spends with each one.  Providing services are only a part of what she does: listening to their fears and concerns is the other part.

Her desire to learn and offer the most advanced treatments is another aspect. She attends seminars annually, learning from experts in their specific field of treatment. Her desire to provide a lifetime of care begins with the pregnant mom and continues throughout your life, offering a comprehensive oral health plan for seniors.

The staff at Montgomery Dental Care are all trained professionals with the wish of treating each patient as if they were their only patient. The amount of time spent with you, as well as the communication between staff and patient, assure you that you are not just a number or a payment to them, but a person with needs for which they can provide their services.

What Makes Us Different?

Care, compassion, and excellent treatment are at the top of the list, but going the extra mile is also important.

  • Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Oral Health Check-Ups for Pregnant Moms
  • In-House finance programs for payment
  • Customized care based on immediate needs and freedom of pain
  • Specialty services like anti-snoring devices, and BOTOX® for TMJ pain
  • The ability to provide a wide variety of dental services rather than sending you to a “specialist” to complete your treatment

There are a lot of things that make us similar to all other dentists. But there is another list that makes us different. We hope you will visit us to learn our approach to YOUR oral health care.