Interceptive Orthodontics

Have you had your 1st or 2nd Grader looked at for Orthodontics? And did you know not all kids should wait till they are 12 years old for an orthodontic exam?

There is a new therapy called INTERCEPTIVE ORTHODONTICS.

Not all kids have the necessary room for all their adult teeth to come in (erupt). When this occurs we can utilize Appliance Therapy to assist your child’s natural growth and development to make room for those teeth to properly erupt. By treating early you give your child the opportunity to grow healthy and happy while also minimizing the time he or she might have to wear “braces,” if they have to wear them at all.

Don’t wait! By waiting you are potentially placing your kids at a disadvantage both socially and dentally. Give your child the advantage today that will make a difference throughout their life. They will thank you for it!

Below are some photos of kids whose parents took action before it was too late.

Before & After

Before & After